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Tokyo VAD Exhibition Update

Tokyo VAD Exhibition Update

The recent UIA Tokyo Congress and the associated VAD exhibition closed on the 30th of October.

The VAD exhibition, including the work from a number of AAAI members, including Savvas Karampalasis art work “old tavern”,  toured Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya around the time of the UIA congress. Below is the number of visitors that attended to the VAD exhibition during this period.

Tokyo(POLA Museum Annex Gallery, Ginza)     ----- 3,500 visitors(15days)
Osaka(Ubiquitous Gallery, Sinsaibashi)                ----- 600 visitors(6days)
Nagoya(Nagoya Urban City Center, Kanayama) ----- 2,000 visitors(12days)

Below are a number of photographs from the recent exhibition. A Big thanks to Michael Keniger for providing them to the AAAI members.

Visualizing Architectural Design (VAD) Exhibition Opening. Photo: Michael Keniger

Part of the AAAI contingent. Photo: Michael Keniger

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